Digital Marketing for Business Growth

7 Oct 2020

For decades the business followed traditional marketing ideas and processes such as ATL & BTL.

ATL - Above the line marketing

BTL - Below the Line Marketing

To explain this more, ATL Marketing are those kind of business promotions that used higher marketing spends and delivered higher reach for the ads. For example a TV Ads or Billboard in main city which invloves higher budget but at the same time delivers higher reach

BTL Marketing are those activities that invloved lesser budget and at the same time delivered very less reach. a good example can be flyer distribution or stickers.

Digital Marketing is a new term of marketing domain that has evolved due to increase in Internet and Mobile Phone users. Digital Marketing invloved both ATL & BTL marketing but conducted online through internet and devices.

Benefits of going Digital or Digitalizing your Business ?

1. Digital Marketing spends can be much less as compared to the traditional marketing methods. (a survey did at a college shows they can reach a number of 1000 audiences through Digital Marketing at a cost equalent to just 10% of the Traditional marketing methodologies)

2. Insights and Measurement - Digital Marketing gives you clear insights and measurements on every penny spent online.

3. Track of Conversions - Track your customers day to day steps taken towards purchasing your product, these conversion metrics are key for business long term growth as it helps you understand your customer well

4. Automation : Digital marketing campaigns are higly automated and optimized with Artificial Intelligence

5. Digital Transoform - As the entire world is transforming digitally it is wise to get your company digitalized before your competitors so that you can stay aheasd in the game.

How and Where to Start ?

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